07 October 2012

Finding Balance - and a day trip to Brussels

I live in Europe. I work in Europe (and I often work 10-11 hours/day).  By the time I get home, feed and walk dogs, feed myself, pack lunch and gym bags...well, there's not much time left over. I live and work in Europe. That's not the same as being on vacation in Europe.  Some people find it hard to believe that I don't travel every weekend.  I know people who do that and more power to them.  They also don't have dogs.  I don't think it's fair to them for me to leave every weekend/holiday and it's expensive to board them so...

It's sometimes difficult to find the balance between my NEED to rest and relax, my NEED to do regular household things like laundry and grocery shopping and weekly food prep (which takes several hours since I cook all my own food from scratch using real, whole foods...nothing packaged or prepared) and my NEED to go and see and do.

That said, I did take a day-trip to Brussels a few weeks ago.  Brussels is a wonderful city. It's relatively close and easy to reach and there are so many different things to see and do there. I've been there several times and will likely go several more.  So here's a look at what I saw this time.

I'd been wanting to check out the Summer of Photography exhibit for a while. Had I known that it changed every couple weeks I probably would have gone more than once. 
You can't go to Brussels without seeing chocolate everywhere! 
This Dali exhibit was no where near as good as the one I saw in Prague last year!
Grand Palace Square on a rare sunny, warm day.

People watching in the square

And in the subway.

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