07 October 2012

A Sister, A Cousin and Gay Pride

While Noreen was visiting I scheduled a weekend in Amsterdam.  Then I contacted my little sister from 21 years go and we arranged to meet for coffee.  A couple days before going to Amsterdam I found out my cousin Daniel would be there for a skateboard competition.  So I resolved to find him.  And I did!!  Also, it was Gay Pride weekend in Amsterdam.  In typical Dutch fashion, the parade was on the canal!  I had to check it out.  I only stayed for about 30 min because I wanted to see Daniel compete. 

Me and Risten...after 21 years.  She grew up. I didn't :)
Downtown Showdown
Me and Daniel
Daniel during the competition
Because of all the houseboats it wasn't easy to find a place where you could see unless you stood on a bridge.  It was very crowded and at first the only way I could see was to crouch down and look between people's legs! 
After several tries a nice person took pity on me and let me in front of him.  Then it started pouring rain.

Dutch military pride float
The rain eventually cleared
People living along the canal had the best views from their windows
It poured rain again later in the day as I was headed to meet Noreen for dinner.

Noreen, by the way, did her own thing...visiting the Van Gogh museum, the tulip museum and the museum of bags and purses (I can honestly say I'm not sorry to have missed that last one and I've been to Van Gogh several times already.).


  1. Looks like a fun day!! I would love to visit the Van Gogh museum & I too would skip the handbag one ;)

  2. Aw - how sweet that after 21 years you saw each other again! I hosted an exchange student when I was in high school and she and I were really close - but aren't so much anymore, I hope this means that eventually she and I will see each other again too!

  3. Hi! If you are still interested in doing the book swap, I do have someone living in the UK who wants to participate as well. It may be easier for you two to ship to each other. I cannot find an email address for you though. Can you email me at sweetgreentangerine at gmail.com if you still want to join the swap. :) Thanks!

    Also...the photos are awesome! lol

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for coming by my blog (Going A-Musing). I am glad your folks are safe too!

    I love photo posts (as you must have figured out) and this one was fun!

    How about linking up with our "Sundays in my City" meme over at unknownmami.com - you would be very welcome. It is my favorite day of the week and it is fun.

    Happy Sunday to you!