04 June 2012

A Few More Pics

[Click the pictures to make them bigger.]
The first icy plunge (many more would follow).  They told us we'd be wet within the first mile. They should have said within the first minute!  Some people could wade across. I had to swim.
It really was a lovely day. The sun was shining and the estate where the course was built was very nice.
The Death Waiver specifically said Tough Mudder discourages the use of alcohol after the event yet they hand you a beer when you cross the finish line.
Dave almost lost a shoe.
Liz almost lost a shoe.
Kira cut her leg but after a quick bandage job she was right back out there!
Someone lost the bottom of their shoe.
How we climbed (literally) Everest.  Our guys made a human ladder and some big strong Dutch guys helped pull us up.  It's all about teamwork!

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