03 June 2012

28 Obstacles

 That's 28 Official obstacles. There were plenty of natural obstacles along the way as well. Here are pictures of the known official obstacles. Sometimes it was difficult to know what was an obstacle and what was just part of the course.  Please forgive the water and mud spots...the camera got just as wet and muddy as we did.  [Click the pictures to make them bigger.]

Kiss of Mud (crawling up hill through the mud under barbed wire)

Arctic Enema (10 tons of ice in there)
Berlin Walls
Hay Bale Pyramid
Hold Your Wood (carrying a log over a muddy path)

Log Jammin
Devil's Beard

Killa Gorilla (this might have been the Quagmire...I don't remember.  Either way it was muddy and wet!).
Spiders Web
Mud Mile
Boa Constrictor (I was small enough to go through on my hands and knees!)
Fire Walker
Tired Yet
Bale Bonds (more hay bales)

Electric Eel (crawling through live electrical wires ...YES, they hurt...while some sadistic dude sprays everyone with a water hose!!)
Berlin Walls #2 (thank goodness for strong guys willing to sit on top and pull us up!)

Ball Shrinker
Greased Lightening
Twinkle Toes (They yell at you if you don't move fast enough. It gets really wobbly around the middle and by then you're cold and tired and your legs are shaking.  I sat down and scooted myself across because I didn't want to take another ice-cold swim.).
Funky Monkey (so much for not taking another swim!)
Walk the Plank (seriously...more swimming?!?!)
Everest (it's a lot more slippery and steep than it looks).  We were so wet and cold after those 3 water obstacles right in a row and standing around waiting to take a go at this was miserable!
Electroshock Therapy (running through live electrical wires).  I picked a good path through because I only remember one light flick (and that's all I remember but I know I didn't get knocked down or out) and then I was crossing the finish line.


  1. Live electric wires and water? What sick f**k thought of that?

  2. Wow. I can't tell if this looks like fun, or torture. You had me until the ball shrinker...