16 March 2014

Simple + Beautiful = Simply Beautiful = Slovenia - Sundays in My City

Back in September I took a trip to part of the Balkans (Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia Herzegovina).  The one and only time I rented a car on any of my trips and I drove from Croatia into Slovenia.  At first I was just planning to go to Croatia but when I looked at the map and saw how close Slovenia and Bosnia were I decided I had to take advantage of the proximity and visit all three. I would have taken the train or bus to Slovenia (I took the bus to Bosnia) but I decided I didn't want to go to the capitol and the only way to reach a small town was to drive (had I done a little more research I would have found out that Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia, is much nicer than Zagreb and swapped them on my itinerary).  The GPS decided I was going to take the scenic route and it was lovely.

Crossing the border...one of the few places that still has border control (which means it's one of the few places where I got a stamp in my passport!).


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Unknown Mami


  1. What a stunning place! How fortunate you were to take that trip.

  2. What a beautiful country, Dorothy! I especially like the second picture - with the flowering plants. Must have been a beautiful ride!

  3. I love getting my passport stamped.Thank you for sharing your drive with us.

  4. The last shot could've been taken in Finland! (in the summer time...)
    I'd like to see more pics from your trip!

  5. What a lovely place, and very cool about the passport stamp, unless it came with a visa purchase. I am guessing by the EU flag that it didn't.

    1. No visa required. Most EU countries have open borders so I have very few stamps. I was excited to get a couple on this particular trip.

  6. These are some great pictures! I am so glad I got to see them.
    As for the tractor and the walker (?) that left me shaking my head. :-)

  7. There you have found beautiful small houses.
    Your landscape photos I also like.
    Thanks for sharing, commenting and happy newweek, Wieczora (◔‿◔) | my photoblog

  8. Wow, thems some beautiful sights.