25 February 2014

Meet Iggy

Last week I introduced you to a few dogs at one of the animal rescues near here.  This weekend I walked Dancer again (actually, we did some jogging together) and a new fellow who just arrived the other day...Iggy.  Someone stabbed this poor little guy and he's recovering from surgery (please forgive the poor-quality photos, they were taken with my phone).

He's only about 6 months old and extremely friendly.  He isn't showing any signs of trauma despite being stabbed.  He doesn't even seem to have any sensitivity around that back hip where it happened.  He's recovering remarkably well!  I enjoyed my time with him yesterday.

I was looking forward to spending some time with Vixen (the sweetie pie I walked last weekend) but she was with one of the rescuers.  She has a bit of an infection on her forehead where she rubbed a wound against the cage so she's getting a chance to heal.  Hopefully she'll be better next week (well, hopefully she'll find a good home and not need to live at the shelter!).


  1. Who would stab a dog?! Glad to know he is doing better.

  2. I ask the same, who would do that kind of cruelty?
    I'm happy another human being takes care of him!