27 October 2013

Two Old Men - Sundays in My City

This photo was taken in Jajce, Bosnia Herzegovina (more from this town in a future post). Please don't ask me how to pronounce Jajce because despite my many attempts I never could come close enough for anyone to know what I was trying to say!

These two old men were sitting on the bench on the bridge. I surreptitiously snapped their picture without them noticing. Later, when I was walking back the other way, another old man told me to take their picture. I smiled and raised the camera but the two men on the bench protested and waved me off. I graciously lowered the camera and walked on, smiling to myself, as I already had their picture :)

Joining up with the always-fabulous Unknown Mami for the always-fabulous world tour of SIMC.

Unknown Mami


  1. No hurry...just enjoying the moment. Beautiful shot!
    If you're in Oslo now I'd like to know prices over there if you compare what you pay at home.
    I've heard horror stories how expensive Oslo, Norway is...
    Happy Sunday!

    1. Olso (and, from what I understand, the rest of Norway as well) is very expensive compared to the continent. A coffee is sometimes 4 euro, a beer or glass of wine can be more than 10 euro. My lunch the other day (a salad) was almost 20 euro. I'm staying with friends so my lodging is free :D

  2. Ha! Love this shot... I hope me and my hubby get to be the old couple enjoying their twilight days together


  3. I would have smiled too. Glad you didn't miss out on this shot. I like that it is black and white, I think it adds to the image.
    Hope your having a great week.

  4. I love the candid shot of these two just chillin' on the bench.