10 October 2013

the. book. chat. {e-books vs print}

This week's Book Chat topic is e-books vs. print.


I've always loved books and have long been staunchly refusing the e-book.  Something about it just didn't seem right. Although, truth be told, I've never even tried one.  However, on my latest trip to the Balkans I think I might have wanted one.  See, I was flying Ryanair and you can get really cheap tickets (I paid 30 euro ROUND TRIP to the Balkans and to Norway). But, you can only take 10kg carry-on baggage and everything you take (including your camera, book, purse if you have one, backpack...everything) has to fit in one bag. So, I took one book and I ended up having to be very careful with it as it wasn't long enough (although it must have been made with Jewish lamp oil because it lasted far longer than it should have).  Since an e-reader weighs about as much as a book, I could have had plenty of books with me without any added weight. So now I'm wavering on that staunch refusal. We'll see.

What about you? Do you e-read or are you still clinging to your paper books?


  1. We have been a staunch book family. Until Gabe, our 16 year old, started high school. This year he has a "live" textbook for his Spanish III class. We went to back to school night and the Spanish teacher showed us the book. In this level class they are required to read Spanish and she can provide current topics and topics of interest to them with the click of her mouse or whatever they are clicking with nowadays.

    And just the other day I was encouraged by my friend (you know who she is....Debber) to buy an e-book ("It Starts With Food", have you read it) for my phone. Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwhat!?!?!?!?!? I did it, partly because I needed it "yesterday" and going to Powells was not on the schedule AND it was cheaper than a hard copy, $8.50 cheaper. As it turns out I'm probably going to get a hard copy of it anyway, the Kindle app for my windows phone is kinda cool, but there are not pictures (I love the pictures) and I love to flick the pages to find what I'm looking for.

    In conclusion, the phone app is different than an actual e-reader, so it's not totally out of the picture for me, but I'm still pretty reluctant.

    Also, chin up about the move. It's not like you have a choice - or do you?

  2. I was vehemently against e-readers until I got a job that required me to be on the road practically 24/7. I got two days off a month, but even then I didn't generally go home; I just visited somewhere new. So I got a Kindle and I loved it! I still don't read it at home, but it's a great investment for traveling. :)