30 June 2013

Mala(aaahhhhhhhhh!!!)ga - Sundays in My City

The Costa del Sol really lived up to its name last week!  The weather was absolutely perfect...warm but not hot.

Whenever I go to a new place the architecture and people scream at me to look, pay attention and take lots of pictures. In Malaga, I couldn't hear those screams over the even louder call to be outside. I usually look up and map out all the things that I want to see.  I didn't look up or map out anything. This was a very different vacation.

I rented a bicycle.  Spent my early mornings jogging or doing yoga at the beach. After breakfast I'd spend a few (3-6) hours riding along the coast (the ride to the east is much nicer than to the west, just in case you're wondering) before retiring to a lounge chair under an umbrella at the beach (which were available to rent for 4 euro).  I'm not normally a beach person (in fact, I've never enjoyed spending time on the beach) but something about this place made it so easy to just lie there and relax (with copious amounts of sunblock and shade, of course!).  I usually yawn at least 100 times/day but I can honestly say that I was not tired the whole week, despite lots of activity and sun and not eating dinner until past my usual bed time (the Spanish eat late and restaurants don't open for dinner until at least 2000 (8pm).  I don't remember ever feeling so relaxed and stress-free. The only time I spent indoors was to sleep, shower and eat breakfast (I stayed at a B&B so breakfast was included).  I didn't see any museums or exhibits and barely even noticed the beautiful Spanish architecture. I spent every other waking minute outdoors in the wonderful fresh air and sunshine. It was the perfect vacation!

The view each morning

Yoga on the beach
The view from the bike
The view each afternoon (that's the bike I rented)
All along the coast are little huts where they cook fresh sardines on open coals in these little boats

A little bit late to be eating dinner?  Not in Spain!  That's Andalusian gazpacho...a cold almond and garlic soup with grapes.  The grapes were a surprise.  It all sounds odd but it's actually really good. Even better once I found the grapes.
This is where I ate lunch my last day! Aaaaahhhhhhh!!

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Unknown Mami


  1. The fish looks absolutely delicious and I wish my morning were spent on the beach as the sun rises


  2. That hammock looks so inviting.Your vacation sounds heavenly.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing a new culture with us.

    I can't eat a fish that's lookin at me.

  4. I like your close-up of the sardines. I wish you had invited me along. Looks fantastic.

  5. Looks like Heaven! I'm relaxed by those pictures, and the first one is especially beautiful.


  6. Sounds like the perfect Sunday to me! I'm such a beach person, so I know that a vacation like this would be perfect for me.

  7. So jealous, it looks fabulous. Well, all but those poor little sardines....hehe.