15 June 2013

It's STILL Light Out

A little while back I posted about how the longer hours of daylight here affected my sleep (here also).  In the middle of winter I walk the dogs in the dark, go to work in the dark and come home in the dark (there's just under 8 hours of light at the winter solstice).  Now, as we approach the summer solstice I don't see the dark at all (consequently I have a perpetual feeling of being late when I'm walking the dogs in the morning since it's light out).  The official sunrise is at 0518 but it begins to get light out at 0431.  Official sunset is 2148 (948pm) but it isn't dark until 2234 (1034pm).  That's 16.5 hours of light.

I'm usually in bed at 2100 (9pm) and up at 0500 (5am) during the week.  Last night at 2200 (10pm) as I was letting the dogs out one last time it was still rather light out.

My back yard at 2200 (10pm)
We'll gain another couple minutes of light until around the 25th (so ten days from now) when the days will slowly (although it feels like it happens very quickly) start getting shorter :( 


  1. Oh! Darn! that seems so hard to adjust to. And I'm sure it's very cold too in the winter. How's the running going?

  2. That's amazing, here it's getting dark around 8:30pm and as early as 6pm in the winter, if you can call California winter 'winter' :). Thanks for joining our party, have a fun weekend!

  3. That would confuse me! Hope it starts improving soon.