18 August 2012

Hot in Budapest

Budapest was having a heat wave when I traveled there. It was 97 when we arrived and got hotter each day thereafter. Coming from the Netherlands where we were stuck in the 60s, that was HOT! We were not deterred! We joined the 3-hour walking tour.

Walking tour guides
Budapest has potable water all over the city and we filled our bottles every chance we got.

We walked in the park and saw lots of people doing their best to cope with the heat.

We sat with our feet in fountains.

The bottom of this fountain is made of translucent concrete.
Translucent concrete. The walking tour guide told us this was a recent technology innovation to come out of Hungary.

We went to one of the Roman baths and hung out in the supposedly curative thermal-spring waters.  None of the 18 pools were cold but the 3 outdoor pools were cooler than the indoor ones.

We ate ice cream.

We sweated...a lot!  And we vowed to pay closer attention to weather when booking future trips!!


  1. This sounds absolutely amazing though! It sounds (and looks like) you did what the locals do - which to me is the best part of traveling!

  2. You look FABULOUS. Just a quick hello. Still think of you and pray you are well.