18 August 2012

Bridges of Budapest

This post (actually, there will be multiple because there's just too much for a single post) is long overdue and there's queue forming of posts that I need to write so here's one with hopes of getting several more out soon.

Budapest (pronounced Buda-pesht) straddles the Danube River (as seen from the plane). Formerly two cities, Buda and Pest, they joined together in 1873. The Hungarian capitol is the largest capitol city in east-central Europe.

The Buda side is hilly and green while the Pest side is flat and much more developed. The island in the middle is Margaret Island (it's like Central Park).

Like Prague, which is split by the Vltava River, Budapest has a lot of bridges spanning the Danube.  I love bridges...from afar, up very close...bridges fascinate me!

Margaret Island Bridge
Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge from a hill on the Buda Side

Chain Bridge just as they turned the lights on
Chain Bridge at night from the Buda side

White Bridge
Green Bridge

This post wasn't originally written for Sundays in My City but I'm putting it there now.

Unknown Mami

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  1. I love bridges, the chain bridge is really, really beautiful! Great shots!