28 May 2011

Long Days

Literally. Being a good bit further north (See red line on map showing my latitude) than most of my readers (all 3 of you or so), the days here are quite a bit longer than where you are. Not as long as the 20-some hours of daylight in Alaska but it's after 10pm and it isn't completely dark yet. Morning twilight was at 0450 this morning (sunrise at 0533) and evening twilight ends at 2220 tonight (sunset was at 2137). And the days will continue to get longer until the Summer equinox (when twilight will be at 0437 and 2241). It messes with my sleep. I need dark curtains!

This also means that in winter, my days are much shorter. At the end of December/beginning of January the sun will rise around 0840 and set around 1640. That gets pretty rough in a different way.

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