09 May 2011

An American and a Greek Walk the Dogs

My neighbors are Greek. The husband is in the Greek military and he's stationed at the NATO base here. They have two kids (girl 5 and boy 2). The girl is in kindergarten at a local Dutch school. Seems you can't go to the international school if you don't speak English but you can go to the Dutch school if you don't speak Dutch. Well, she speaks Dutch now. And I'm sure she would have learned English just as quickly.

She loves dogs and wanted to come with me yesterday to walk them. She talks to the dogs in Dutch; I guess because she talks to me in Dutch (who could have guessed that knowing Dutch would come in handy when talking to a little girl from Greece?!?!). I found that interesting, though. I pretty much talk to all dogs in English. The dogs didn't seem to have any trouble with the translation. Seems petting and brushing are pretty much the same in any language.


  1. You are too cute. Glad you are having so much fun.

  2. Hey girl. Glad you are having so much fun. You look great, but I have never seen you look bad :0). Thanks for blogging. Miss you.

  3. Oh, how sweet!!