12 December 2010

Moving Day

The lease is signed and I have the keys! Tomorrow we check out of the hotel and our stuff gets delivered. Today I need to move all the junk we have here in the hotel over to the house. Once we check out tomorrow we won't have internet at home for a while so postings will be sporadic.

I'm taking bets on two things:

1. The front door doesn't have a door knob. You have to open it with the key. This is typical of Dutch houses. How long will it take me to lock myself out of the house?

2. The house is 2-story. The steps are steep and have a turn. This is also typical of Dutch houses. I have to lean forward and hold on in order not to fall over backwards when going up. And that's when I'm not carrying anything. How long will it be before I fall up or down the stairs (cause can be dog induced)?

I'll let you know when (not if, because they're both pretty much guaranteed) these happen :)

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