07 December 2010

A House For My Birthday

I've been holding off on posting this because I didn't want to jinx it. But I've received too many complaints about the lack of updates. So if it falls through I blame you. Yes, you specifically!

I'm set to sign a contract for a house on Friday. I move in on Monday. Happy birthday to me!!

I am very ready to be out of the hotel. I'm anxious to be cooking for myself again and I'm definitely ready to be done taking dogs down and up stairs!! Three cheers for back doors to back yards!!

The house is not one of the ones previously described. It's a little larger than I wanted but is the nicest house I looked at (hello heated tile bathroom floor). The yard is the most secure (although I have no doubt my houdinis will figure a way out) but, sadly, has no shade. It's not located right in town like I had hoped but since my houdinis will likely figure out how to get out of the yard that's probably for the best. It's easily bike-able to work and could be walked if I'm feeling energetic.

I'll post more next week about the neighborhood and such after I've had time to explore it.

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