14 May 2017

Bologna Didn't Win My Heart But This Little Girl Did - Sundays in My City

I had some friends visiting and we took a day-trip to Bologna.  I didn't fall in love with the city although I will say the arcades are beautiful.

A good city to visit in the rain since you could walk much of it under cover.

As I waited for my friends to check out a church I watched this little girl (who was waiting for her father who was in the barber shop) play with this rock as if it were a soccer ball.  She was so intent, even stopping to center herself a few times.  I could have watched her all day.

She would pause, take herself to mountain pose and breathe before trying again to kick the rock like a ball.
I don't know that she's the next big Italian women's football talent but she was clearly having a good time and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her enjoy herself.

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  1. Cool series of shots. Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a precious little girl!! And I love the beautiful arches. It reminds me of the ceiling of a cathedral. Give Mom and Grams hugs from me!!!