11 December 2016

Frozen Spider Webs - Sundays in My City

I thought it would be warmer in Italy. I realize this is northern Italy but I had a vision of a very mild (read: fall-like) winter.  I was wrong.  It's freezing...actually, below freezing.  Yesterday it was also very foggy.

When I was walking the dogs yesterday morning I noticed a frozen spider web.  I decided I wanted a picture of it so I went back for my camera.  Then I noticed them everywhere.  I was fascinated.  I hope the spiders are somewhere warm!

Every fence and railing was covered with them.


Actual ice...just goes to show how strong these things are!

I'm sure I've seen frozen spider webs before but yesterday felt like the first time.  It looked like something brand new to me. I saw them again this morning (it's even colder today).  I was so busy looking at them that the dog and I missed the cross walk to cross the street and had to turn back!

Have you seen anything lately that must have been there all along but you just noticed?

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  1. Oh, my!! They are gorgeous. Isn't it amazing how beauty can be found in the most unusual (and often, denigrated) things!!

  2. Great pictures, but the last one is the best.