20 November 2016

Welcome to South of the Alps - Sneak Peek at Vicenza - Sundays in my NEW City

South of the Alps is, obviously, different than North of the Alps.  Lots of people stationed here have previously been stationed in Germany (North of the Alps) where everything is meticulously clean and orderly and well-manicured.  It's not like that here.  So Welcome to South of the Alps is what you hear a lot when discussing the differences here.

I took the bus into downtown Vicenza today for a look around.  I meandered aimlessly (and slowly meandering seemed to be the standard pace of people) about and took pictures of random things.  I present them here without comment since I don't know what any of it is yet.

Hope you enjoyed this first visit to Vicenza.  I'm sure there will be more and, at some point, I'll learn what stuff is :)

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Unknown Mami


  1. Yay, pictures!! I knew Vicenza was an old city and I love the old buildings. And the little girls were adorable!! Did you primarily hear Italian spoken? Love you and miss you!!!

    1. Of course I'll take you there when you come visit!! Yes, primarily Italian. A little English randomly made the Americans easy to spot.

  2. Love this pictures and looking forward to more. Hope you are getting settled in OK <3