27 May 2016

Packing for a Long Trip

I pack last-minute.  Always.  And I almost always under pack.  So how do I pack for a long (in this case, 3 weeks) trip?  It goes something like this:

Step 1: Throw everything including your smallest suitcase on the very messy bed (you're going to take the sheets off and wash before you leave anyway).

Step 2: Sort through and get rid of stuff from the last trip that you know you don't need.

Step 3: Consult your randomly-scribbled list and throw some more things on the bed...go in search of the things you have no idea what you did with after the last long trip...freak out because you can't find that one thing you absolutely need, add some more stuff just in case.

Step 4: Check the weather for your destination(s)..DUH! Rethink everything you've packed.

Step 5: Fret that you have too much. Fret that you don't have enough.  Rinse. Repeat. 

Step 6: See if it all fits. Adjust if necessary.

Step 7: Check the weight (if you're flying with a weight restriction)

Step 8: Open it all up and leave it there in hopes inspiration will strike and allow you to make it all perfect.

Step 9: Add, subtract, add, subtract...spend far too much time thinking about whether or not you need rain pants and/or a mini-tripod.

Step 10: Decide it's fine if you only have one pair of socks and 14 t-shirts (or vice versa). Who cares...you're on vacation!!

How do you pack?  Do you take too much...to little?  Do you have any super packing secrets? What's your one MUST HAVE item?


  1. I have gotten so much better at packing. I can usually get through a trip with only my carry-on. I usually find somewhere to do laundry. If I am traveling in the winter, I wear my heavy and boots with me on the plane so I don't have to pack them.

    1. My smallest bag is a carry-on. And even though all I had was a carry-on and I was going to different places with greatly different temperatures I still managed to over pack. I NEVER over pack! So I sent a few things home with dad (he was with me for the first week).

  2. Shane often laughs while I pack for the kids and myself. I tend to over-plan and pack entirely too much, especially when most of the places we visit have free laundry! I hope that you have a great trip. :)