06 March 2016

The Traveling Purple Jacket - Sundays in My City

When I moved to the Netherlands and became a bicycle commuter I quickly found that I needed a rain jacket and rain pants.  I found cheap ones for 5 euro in a bin at Lidl (a store that had an ever-changing very odd assortment of groceries and random other things like truck tires or snow boots or garden equipment).  The pants in my size were black which was fine.  The jackets in my size were not available in black so I ended up with purple...not a color I would normally buy. But I didn't want to spend a lot of time shopping or a lot of money.  Little did I know how much traveling that purple jacked would end up doing.

I don't take a lot of pictures of myself (I generally hate pictures of myself) but here are a few of the places the purple jacket visited. 

Waiting in line at the Louvre in Paris while Gran ran around taking pictures in the rain.

In Amsterdam (see it hanging from my backpack?).
In Queensferry, Scotland.  It was VERY windy!

At Plitvce Lakes National Park in Croatia

In Milan, Italy (see it hanging from my chair under the table?).

At a family reunion in PA
I still wear that purple jacket.  It's had quite the life for a 5 euro jacket from a Lidl bin!

Unknown Mami


  1. I love your purple jacket! Wow, you have been to many wonderful places! Was your family reunion in PA, US? Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures. Thanks also for stopping by my Jerry's post!

  2. What a great story that jacket has to tell!

  3. I want to BE your purple jacket, such wonderful adventures!