14 February 2016

People Watching in Brussels - Sundays in My City

When I lived in the Netherlands, Brussels was an easy day-trip away.  Sometimes I'd go with a specific something-to-see (a photography exhibit, for example) but sometimes I'd go and just wander. 

We didn't often have really great weather in northern Europe but once in a while we did. On this particular day it was beautiful and lots of people were out.  I enjoy capturing images of people just being people...not posing, not in front of some landmark or statue...just doing what they do.  Here are some of those.

Do you enjoy people watching? 

Linking up with Unknown Mami for Sundays in My City.

Unknown Mami


  1. My favorite kind of photos, people just being themselves. I need to take more of these kinds of photos of my own family. Happy to see you at Sudays in my City.

  2. Yes, I adore people watching and am clicking photos of them all the time, Dorothy! I especially love that these are in black and white - my favorite is the man sitting at the table with the glass. :) Thank you! Great seeing you again. Back with the Sundays in my City hop!

  3. Beautiful series of people being themselves. Love it.