11 October 2014

Eating Italian - Sundays in My City

Part of any vacation is the food. I love food! Most of my day is spent thinking about when I get to eat next and what I'm going to eat. So as soon as we decided to go to Italy I knew it was going to be a trip filled with pizza, pasta and gelato! As I mentioned in my last post, I have a lot of pictures!

I didn't take a picture of everything we ate and although I did take a picture of every gelato I'll save them for another post.  Here are some of our eats from the trip.

I don't remember exactly what Gran got but she didn't care for it much (not the only time that happened). 
Panzerotti are fried pockets of heaven! 
I got mine with mozzarella and tomato.

A nice view for dinner
This pizza was huge!  And delicious!!
Pasta at the Florence Central Market
Gelato from a veggie restaurant on a absolutely beautiful day.
Pesto pasta
Gran finally got the spaghetti and meatballs she'd been wanting!
Mama enjoying lasagna
All that remained of my spaghetti aglio e olio! We only ended up eating here because Gran had to pee and simply walked into a restaurant to use the bathroom as we couldn't find a public bathroom nearby. Since she used their bathroom they made us sit down and order something. I was Not happy.  But this ended up being my favorite pasta dish of the entire trip!
The only blueberry gelato I saw and it was excellent!
One of my two favorite gelato places and it was Right. Next. Door! to where we stayed in Milan.
Dishing out my extra dark chocolate.
The pizzas we made in our pizza making class ready to go into the oven.
Mom and Gran enjoying their pizzas
And the gelato we learned how to make.
The tasting part of our wine tour

Italian guys in straw cowboy hats making pasta at the Florence Central Market
What's your favorite Italian dish? 

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  1. I love your trip through Italy and they say we march on our stomachs.

  2. Ooh! Now I'm hungry. Looks fabulous. I agree with you that a very important part of travel is the food! I love that you are traveling with Mom and Gran!

  3. I think I have to get on the phone and order pizza for dinner now. Looks FAB!!! The pic above "The tasting part of our wine tour" you may have missed your mom looking at you with such pride and love - that's a mother to child look (or to deep chocolate gelato look) if I ever saw one.

    1. There were lots of pizzas but that one was the best! And that's probably the look I gave the extra-dark chocolate gelato :D

  4. I enjoyed the variety of expressions depicting warm, loving relationships between daughter, mother and grandmother. So impressed that you traveled to Italy together (stunning photos!) and did a mud run together (mother and daughter..wow!). Also took a look back and read the dog rescue post.. so much happiness in one blog.. just beautiful.

  5. Gran looks pretty happy with that spaghetti and meatballs.
    Visiting from Sunday's in my City

    1. She was very happy. I was starting to worry that I wasn't going to find her food that she liked!

  6. GAH...that food all looks so delicious! Definitely making me miss Italy. What was your favorite?
    I had the spaghetti aglio e olio, too and just lovedddddd it!

    1. So hard to pick a favorite!! The aglio e olio was fantastic as was that ginormous pizza (I ate lots of other pizza but that one was the best). Plus, many (most) of the gelato were fabulous!

  7. Fried packets of heaven???? Lord, lord! I need to get to Italy! Nice pics of your family, too. Ciao!