25 January 2014

When You Give A Kid A Camera - Sundays in My City

This is my little sister, Mavis.

She was born after I lived with her family but while I was still in Ghana. She peed in my lap when she was still a baby :) Now she's 11 years old, smart and curious. Cameras are too expensive for most Ghanaians so pictures of themselves are a rare thing to have. They love looking at the display on your digital camera. Mavis was fascinated so I gave her the point-and-shoot and let her have fun. This is her view of her village.

The first thing she did was aim the camera at me.

Our mother

A little view of a little village through the eye of kid using a camera for the first time!
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Unknown Mami


  1. She needs a camera of her own and she will make a wonderful photographer.

  2. What a lovely post.
    All these people are so beautiful - skin, bones....I feel like a whale, autch!

  3. Dorothy, we finally know who you are! Thanks for the village view from the eyes of a child. I have tried to do this with a child or two, but they couldn't figure out my camera. I need to give my old cell phone (with a decent camera) to someone else I suppose. It's not that hard, really.

  4. Her photos are great! Everyone is so beautiful and joyous!

  5. Yet another thing we take for granted -- with smart phones so prolific, my kids never expect I won't have a camera. My daughter got one with video for Christmas. Yet another reason for me to say thank you.
    What beautiful children -- I would love to visit that village. It's great to see her perspective!

  6. Please tell Mavis her photos are great, Dorothy. She has a wonderful eye!
    By the way, those photos could easily be from India! So similar.

  7. Not sure if my comment went through, Dorothy!
    Please tell Mavis she has a great eye and her photos are wonderful.
    You know, these photos could easily be India. So similar!

    1. Vidya--Sadly, I can't say for sure that I'll ever even see her again. Trips to Ghana aren't cheap or easy so I don't know if I'll get to go back. If I do, though, I'll be sure to tell her. Thank you :)

  8. You capture their hearts and mine with these beautiful photos.
    Thank you.