15 December 2013

When Ya Gotta Go - Sundays in My City

My favorites...seen at a café in Oslo, Norway

Not very interesting signs but I was amused!  Sit or Stand?

If there weren't pictures I would have had no idea which one to use in Slovenia!

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Unknown Mami


  1. Hubby has pictures of an unusual bathroom taken at the Etruscan tombs. He likes the subject.

  2. I love the stick figures -- hilarious!

  3. Oslo ones are cool! :)
    There are a lot of signs I don't understand what they mean...Like an arrow up but it means straight..... :)

  4. Stand or sit, eh? I prefer to sit. Of course, anytime the plumbing is indoor and attached to a fixture, I am happy. I am not a big fan of holes inside of creaky outhouses.

  5. :D Love the stick figures on the red background - the second last set! :D