17 November 2013

Exploring the World - Sundays in My City

I'm back from Ghana!  I took a bunch of random stuff to give away as gifts (visitors bringing gifts (a gift can be something so small as a bar of soap or a loaf of bread) is part of the Ghanaian culture).  Some of the things were Dutch t-shirts or tea, some were used shoes and clothes and some were trinkets bought at one of those "everything here is cheap" stores.  One of the trinkets I bought was a little globe/pencil sharpener.  I gave it to the family with whom I lived while I did my 9-week training.  They could find Africa but that's as far as their geography took them.  They couldn't find Ghana. The kids played with it for a minute or two but the adults spent quite a while reading off different places. It made me wish I'd brought a world map since the globe was pretty tiny and they were so interested.

I have a LOT of pictures from my trip but these are my favorite.

The hands of my homestay father (closest) and mother exploring the globe.
I just love seeing their two hands exploring together. They are really great parents to have on the other side of the world! When I randomly show up 5 years later (they have no idea I'm coming), they always welcome me back as if I'd never left.

They were captivated for a while pronouncing names of places they've never heard of and finding places they had.

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Unknown Mami


  1. wow. It's so difficult to understand or remember that there are still people who don't know what's online banking, where China is or how to blogg......
    Beautiful photos!

  2. These are wonderful shots. The world must seem so big when it's difficult to imagine where all the countries are.

  3. Yes. I love this post. I know the feeling of showing the world to others. How beautifully you captured this as they had the world in their hands.

  4. This almost made me cry -- the beauty of those two sets of hands holding the world in their hands. Just beautiful!

  5. The hole world in your hands. hehe
    nice pictures
    wieczoramatic greets to weekend, (◔‿◔) | my photoblog

  6. These photos are so powerful. They tell many stories.

    Blessings to you and yours.


  7. I love these photos! The contrast in colors is beautiful.

  8. What a great gift you took them. Perhaps a big map might have been overwhelming. Wonderful post!

  9. Oh! My so cool! love the photos too. :) Beautiful post!

  10. The photos are spectacular. And how amazing to be in Ghana again! I can't wait to hear more about your trip.

  11. These photos bring tears to my eyes. Totally amazing!

  12. I find the gift and their reaction to it touching.