28 July 2013

Day Out in Nijmegen - Sundays in My City

Once again, I had a discount train pass that was about to expire so I had to go somewhere!  I did a little googling and found out that there's a bicycle museum in Nijmegen.  Since I went to the train museum a couple weeks ago I figured no residence in the Netherlands was complete without visiting the bicycle museum. Just like the last time I had to go somewhere, it poured rain but hey, this is northern Europe and if you want to see things you'd better be prepared to see them in the rain!

First off, can you believe this is the restroom in the train station?!?!
I found Waldo!  Next to him it says 24/25 so I wonder if there are more of them around the city.  I didn't notice any but I was more focused on not getting drenched!
The thunder storm started just as I reached downtown.
Bicycles outside the bicycle museum.  I must say, the museum was rather disappointing (I really would expect much more in a country so devoted to the bicycle) but I can say I saw it!
Even in the rain the old part of the city is still beautiful!

Despite the weather, take a stroll over to Unknown Mami and see what's going on in other cities around the world.

Unknown Mami


  1. What a nice wet visit! That bathroom is so nice! You know it has rained her in South Carolina everyday this summer. Everyday! It's amazing!

  2. Love the last shot... BEAUTIFUL
    And that waldo is so cool! That would be a great project for tourists and kids!
    Thanks for sharing,
    CJR @ TMB

  3. I love the picture of the old part of town. You're right, the rain doesn't take away from its beauty. Were pictures off limits inside the bike museum?

    1. Pictures were not off limits inside the museum but the bikes were so close together and it was pretty dark in there that the pictures I did take just weren't very good.

  4. I love getting to tag a long on some of your adventures. It's a real treat.