26 May 2013

Cheese for Breakfast - Sundays in My City

I was so happy that my favorite cheese shop was just opening when I arrived in Amsterdam last Sunday.

Waiting for the train early in the morning.
The streets of Amsterdam are very quiet on Sunday mornings.

The smoked goat cheese is my favorite!

Yes, I tried them all.  I've tried them all every time I've been there.  I try each of them more than once when I visit.  Hey, you have to if you want to make a breakfast out of little samples of cheese!  And yes, they're all good! As are the mustards.
Once full on cheese I started making my way along the canals to my next stop.

My 2nd breakfast. I had planned to go to a bakery mentioned by A Hippie in Holland but it wasn't open (closed on Sundays).  That's okay. I found another one. The icing on this carrot cake was far to sweet for me but it was still good.  And they were perfectly happy to put my coffee in my own cup.

After my 2nd breakfast I continued along the Keizersgracht.
I had 3 photography exhibits to see. The first at the Huis Marseille. I hadn't been to Huis Marseille yet so I was interested to check it out. Wish I had made it there sooner.

Next stop, FOAM.  I've been there a few times already and every time it is something completely and utterly different from before.
Last stop, World Press Photo. I've been there every year since I've been here plus the Czech Press version in Prague.  Every year it's an amazing collection of photographs although many of them are very difficult to look at.  Every year I've had to wait in line to get in but this year I finally got to wait in sunshine instead of rain!
There are no lines to wait in over at Unknown Mami and you can visit all kinds of places there!

Unknown Mami


  1. Great post with interesting pics!
    I love cheese, any kind of cheese..and art...and photos :)

    Here in Málaga it was quiet till 10 (just after neighbors started to drag their furniture again!!!)
    You can hear voices till early morning from outside. Discos, clubs close at 7 if I remember right - luckily none near where I stay!
    Happy Sunday!

    1. Hopefully not near where I'll be staying! I'm awake before 7 but not still awake at 7!!

  2. Enjoyed your journey - great pics. I love cheese and I hope someday I will visit Amsterdam.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Dropping by from SIMC

  3. Thanks for taking me there! Beautiful shots!

  4. Oh my I LOVE cheese too, now I want to visit Amsterdam even more!


  5. What a great set of trip pics.

  6. I love goat cheese. I would love to sample it with you someday in Europe. Thanks for the interesting tour. I enjoyed it!

  7. Cheese! I love cheese!

    Great shots, as always. I love living vicariously through you. Maybe I'll see it in person one day!

    And 2nd breakfast is awesome.Have a great week.

  8. Oh, you make me very nostalgic, I particularly love the pesto cheese :)
    Thank you for the walk through Amsterdam and for sharing your city at our party.

    ps> Have you been to the pancake house that has all kinds of teapots hanging from the ceiling? we missed it on our visit :(

    1. I've been to several pancake houses but I don't specifically remember teapots hanging from the ceiling. Maybe I haven't been to that particular one. Mmmmm...pancakes!

  9. I'm drooling over all that cheese! Delicious!

    re: fingerless gloves. I wear them a lot inside so I can type on the computer for example while keeping my hands warm, but it also just doesn't get *that* cold in Melbourne.

  10. I'm so jealous of the cheese shop. We used to have a cheese shop just down the street from us for years. We loved it and got the best Argentine cheese there and then their lease ended and the landlord priced them out. I still miss them.

  11. Wow! You really went all out.I've been to the cheese shops but I've never tried EVERYTHING! :) I'll have to do that one of these days.

  12. Have to go try that cheese! YOu look like you had a great time.