02 January 2013


This is not my first time surprising the family with a visit.  This time, though, I booked myself on the same flight back to the US as them. I told them I had to go to our district office for the week (I needed a reason to be dragging a suitcase) so we all piled on the train and I went to "drop them off" at the airport before continuing my trip. The check-in line was rather slow and I was running out of time to get them on their way through security so that I could get myself checked-in. A check-in attendant helped me and I got checked in at the very last minute.  Dad and Gran went for coffee after getting to their gate and saw me hiding on their way back. I told them not to say anything to mom and I managed to stay hidden until after they were on the plane. Then I got on and practically crawled down the aisle (garnering lots of strange looks) before finally revealing myself to Mom. It was great!!

I love surprises!!!!


  1. It really worked out just by looking her face!!
    Happy New Year and thank you for commenting on my blog.

  2. Well done on pulling off such an awesome surprise!! She looks so happy!