08 July 2012

Had To Go *Somewhere*...*Anywhere*

The Netherlands has a fabulous train system.  I rarely go anywhere here that's beyond biking distance in my car unless I'm buying something that I can't haul on the bike.  I pay for a yearly pass that gets me 40% off my train tickets.  Sometimes, though, stores will sell discount train passes for around 15 euro.  They're good for one day (whatever day you choose to use it) and you can ride anywhere in the country.  A round-trip ticket to Amsterdam with my 40% discount is 27 euro; just to give you an idea of what a deal the passes are (assuming you're going far enough that a ticket would cost more than 15 euro).  I bought a couple passes a while back with a trip in mind but the trip never happened.  So there I was with two passes set to expire today.  What's a girl to do?  Go somewhere!

Having just come back from Budapest earlier this week I really wanted to relax and get stuff done at home this weekend but I hated the idea of letting those passes go to waste so off to Rotterdam we went.  It was raining and chilly and really just not a nice day to walk around a city.  In fact, I didn't stay very long. Less time than the round trip train.  But, I had some yummy Indonesian lunch and part of me is happy that the passes didn't go to waste.  The part of me that has 2 loads of laundry that aren't put away and some other chores that aren't done didn't appreciate the trip so much but sometimes you just have to go *somewhere!*

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  1. You know that I travel vicariously through you, right?!