21 April 2012

T Minus Three Weeks

Three weeks from now I'll likely be covered in mud wondering what the hell I was thinking when I let myself be talked into signing up for the Tough Mudder and wishing there weren't still several miles and many obstacles to go before I can lay down and die.  Oh yeah, I can't wait :)

Last Sunday I trained for three hours.  I alternated miles on the treadmill with weights. I was surprised by how much easier the miles were when I got to take breaks (it's scary that I now consider lifting weight to be a break).  I did 8 miles total.  I never thought I'd ever have reason or be able to run 8 miles (unless it was over a couple days!) let alone feel like I could run more when I was done.  That said, however, I will be glad when this challenge is over and I can spend 3 hours sitting on my couch (or hopefully in my hammock if the weather ever gets nice) on the weekend instead of working out in the gym or getting lost in the nearby wood on a training run!!!

In case you still want to show your support for our wounded warriors, check out Help For Heroes .  And thanks!

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