14 January 2011

Running on Empty

This applies to me and my car.

Due to a flight cancelation, flight delays resulting in a missed connection, missing luggage and getting lost, it took me 15 hours to get home yesterday.

I was supposed to pick up the dogs and pick up my car yesterday when I got back. My car was getting new tires while I was away. I knew I needed new tires but Dutch regulations are much more strict and my car would not pass inspection without new tires. I couldn't register it without it passing inspection. You don't get your gas ration card (which allows you to buy about 100 gal/month at the REDUCED rate of over $4/gal) until you register your car.

[Note: when you ship your car it has to have 1/4 tank or less. So you don't have much gas when it arrives.]

So, this morning I had to get up early enough to pick up my car, rush to get the dogs during the 1-hour pick up window, take them home, get my car inspected prior to my 10:00 registration appointment. Then I had to run back to the house because I forgot something I had to turn in. I got a little lost (go figure) and, you guessed it, ran out of gas. After about 20 min. standing beside my car trying my best to look pathetic someone took pity on me and stopped to help.

I'm tired! I'm looking forward to spending the weekend at home, with the dogs, finally free of snow :)

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  1. Oh, Jess, honey. Sounds like an awful morning. Enjoy your weekend at home with the pups and try to regroup. Miss you and love you!!