10 August 2010


Time to dust off the cobwebby part of my brain where that Dutch I learned back when I was a foreign exchange student my junior year in high school resides. And time to crank up the language-learning center of my brain and, hopefully, finally learn some French.

I'm heading to Belgium for 3 years. Courtesy of the US Army. The dogs are coming, too.

Where in Belgium? I'm not exactly sure. Somewhere just across the border from Brunssum, Netherlands; where there's a NATO post. I'll be building something on that post. And I don't know why I'm not being sent to Brunssum since that's where I'll be working. To me, those are minor details. The point is I'm going to Belgium!!

Unlike my last jaunt courtesy of the US Army, people might actually want to come visit me...and be able to. They will be most welcome! Waffles and Godiva chocolates await :)

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