05 July 2008


Yesterday I was confused all day (I know, that's pretty normal for me). Seeing as it was Friday but I was off work, I kept thinking it was Saturday and that I was leaving tomorrow (being Sunday). I was relieved every time I remembered that it was only Friday.

Well, now it really is Saturday and I really do leave tomorrow. I'm no more ready today than I was yesterday. I have a lot to do today.

Once I leave tomorrow, I'll be out of internet access until I arrive and get settled (as far as I know) so there will not be updates for at least a week (unless someone loans me a lap top).

I will have my phone with me so you can call up until Thursday afternoon. Once I get on the plane, the phone goes off. My number will be forwarded to S's phone so you can still call but it will be her who answers.

You can leave me messages here so that when I get there I'll know you've been reading (sometimes I wonder). I'll post as soon as I can to let everyone know everything is okay.


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